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 Pups produced by AGAINST THE WIND KENNELS  are guaranteed for life against congenital defects. These defects include (but are not limited to), HIP DYSPLASIA, BLINDNESS, DEAFNESS, DEMODECTIC MANGE, ENTROPIAN OR ECTROPIAN, HEART DISORDERS, ETC.
If your ATWK pup/dog has one of these defects, you will be entitled to a replacement pup from a breeding of your choice here. Stud Service can be had instead of a pup at the owners discretion. **NO CASH REFUNDS** unless I am no longer breeding dogs. Then full purchase price of pup will be vrefunded- not shipping costs. Requirement of Veterinarian Verification, stating the problem. 
The problem/fault cannot be due to nutrition, improper exercise, fighting or bad care or unproved genetic fault.

If owner wants to return the pup/dog, they are to pay all shipping/health certificate expenses.
Pups are guaranteed for 2 weeks from the date of delivery against infectious diseases, such as PARVOVIRUS, BORDETELLA, CORONAVIRUS, PARAINFLUENZA, DISTEMPER, LYMES DISEASE, ETC. When you receive your puppy it will have had all possible precautions against these diseases. It is up to you, the new owner; to continue a good vaccination schedule.


RIGHT OF 1ST REFUSAL: if circumstances arise that the new owner is not able to keep the dog/puppy & needs to sell/give it away, they will call AGAINST THE WIND KENNELS first. If owner has a buyer already lined up, give ATWK a chance to match the price. If contemplating rehoming, please call me before giving it to the crackhead down the street or taking to the dog pound or the "Humane" Society. Humane Society Refugees welcome, (my bloodline or not). AGAINST THE WIND KENNELS will extend this clause to every pup sold I feel like this may help save some of my dogs from irresponsible owners and the death squad at the Humane Society.
There is no real way to govern this; every person is as good as their word! Please give this serious consideration!!