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Future show and sport event results will no longer be updated on Event Result pages as it seems no one visits them and no sense in spending loads of time updating. Results of each dog will now be posted on their page


Las Vegas was a blast!!..All dogs took first places in WP and conformation with exception of Faith taking a 2nd place in a class of 7 dogs in her conformation. Danger took the P4P trophies both days and earned his A/A, Twister earned his ACE title taking 1st , Scribbles three 1st places and pulled out for Best Puppy twice!! and he was only 5 .5 months old. Dolly took 1st places in  ACE weight pull classes and so did Faith in regular classes.


Twisted Scribbles- Tiny Twister and Moon Dancer son








A good show and Joker earned his CH title. Took two 1st places in ACE weight pull classes. Danger took two 2nd places in ACE weight pull class.
Scribbles took home two 2nds and one 3rd place in 6-9 mth puppy conformation
Lil 28lb Faith took home a 2nd place in conformation and on Saturday she pulled 1790lbs.. Her max was on Sunday that I pushed her to her limits for 1st time and she pulled 2090Lbs. She just doesn't have good technique , so most likely won't be a great pull dog cuz she pulls tippy toe and no extension.. But long as she consistently pulls to her max and doesn't quit before she reaches her max.. she will be worthy of titling.


This pull track was a hard track . Highest % was barely over 50 x body weight of the dog that took P4P, so I did not bother to figure out stats for our dogs

Scribbles took a 2nd place in 6-9 mth puppy class.

Faith took two 1st places in weight pull and a 2nd and 3rd place in conformation. She will not be shown anymore. She did well as a puppy, but seems her small size leaves her shut out and only places if she is the 2nd or 3rd dog in the class


Joker took a 1st place in ACE weight pull on Sat.. but I skipped a weight on Sunday and he only pulled the next weight halfway up the track. So my bad decision shut him out of a win on Sunday. Joker did earn his A/A weight pull title on Saturday.


Danger took two 2nd places in ACE weight pull classes

and last but not least, Twister took a 3rd place in ACE classes and without any conditioning.. Good boy!!


Only took Joker and Danger to weight pull. Nice relaxing to only take 2 dogs for once. Danger took two 2nd places in ACE class and Joker took two 1st places in ACE class



Joker took two 1st places and P4P trophy on Sunday, Dolly two 2nd places and Danger two 1st places and P4P trophy on Sunday. Moon at her 2nd competition and just starting her WP training took two 2nd places .... then lil Faith took two 1st places .. no dogs in her weight class to place against. Also in a fun class of Wall Climb.. Dolly won herself a trophy and 1st , Moon a 2nd and faith a 3rd. Fun sport we hope to see become a pointed sport.



Faith pull photo

Moon pull photo