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Well.. Against The Wind Kennels "U Gotta B Jokin" has had a  successful very first weekend at an agility competition.. He earned a title in Novice tunnelers!!! Now we are going to do some fine tuning since I see areas where we need to improve.. Mostly with discrimination for Touch & Go.. he went up the ramp instead of through the tunnel which were side by side.. a little more "contact " work.....and for him to work further away from me. I am addicted to this stuff now.. Other winning outcomes...
4 qualifying runs= 40 pts..
3-1st places, one 2nd place..






Another good weekend for us novice agility contenders. Joker made qualifying runs in Hoopers, Tunnelers and Touch N Go.. Not sure which dogs took 1st places in fastest time, but we came home with 3- 1st place ribbons. Moon made a qualifying run in Jumpers. She went off course in her Touch N Go class, but I posted the video anyway. I neglected to buy Joker's Hooper class run, so it isn't on this page





My lil Faith made me proud- her first show and she took a 1st, 2nd & 3rd in conformation. Joker a 2nd, 2-3rds in conformation- 2-2nds in WP, Twister 2-2nds in WP, Chase a 1st & a 3rd in WP, Moon a 3rd in conformation. and Dolly a 1st & 2nd in WP ACE class, Danger won 2- P4P trophies and two 1st places in WP ACE classes. Great turn out on pull track .. 31 dogs Saturday and I believe there were 34 dogs on Sunday. Oh and 4 of our dogs, Danger, Twister, Dolly & Joker, certified in the Safe Dog Program!!!

Weight pull stats

 Dolly with no conditioning weighed in at 37lbs and pulled 2239 lbs

Chase weighed in at 38lbs and  pulled 2501 lbs

Joker weighed in at 40lbs and  pulled 2501 lbs

Twister weighed in at 46lbs and pulled 2501 lbs

Danger weighed in at 48lbs and pulled 3723 lbs

Dancing With Danger

Dancing In Faith-  show photos of her on her page
Moon Dancer
Tiny Twister
Dream Chaser
U Gotta B Jokin
Miss Dolly
Two of our 'produced' owned by friends were also at the show.
Faith's Brother- Blaze Of Glory owned by Bo Jemison of Bozeman, MT
Twister's full sister-Dolly's daughter-Twisted Sister owned by Jen Henley of Green River, WY


Joker & I went alone and Joker earned his Hoopers Novice title -no placement in timing. He also made a qualifying run in Touch N Go and placed 3rd . I used a bit more enthusiasm and so Joker applied more speed. We only entered 4 runs this weekend , so it was a short match for us.


Ivan stayed home , so I ventured on alone with Joker, Faith and Twister. It was HOT and HUMID!! Twister wasn't into pulling at all and he squeeked by with 2 -3rd places, Faith took a 1st & 2nd in conformation, and Joker took a 1st & 2nd in Conformation as well as a 1st and 2nd place in weight pull.

Twister weighed in at 46lbs and max pull was a mere 2200lbs. Heat did not agree with him at all!

Joker weighed in at 39lbs and his max pull was 2515lbs


Faith took 2-1st and a 2nd place in conformation and 2-1st places with competition in her weight division in weight pull. She weighed in at 28lbs (handicapped at 30lbs). Her max pull at her very first weight pull competition was 1995lbs.



Joker didn't take anything in conformation, but he took a 1st place in weight pull on Saturday earning him his ACE title. I moved him up to ACE classes on Sunday and he took 1st and won Most Weight Pulled Per Body Pound  Trophy in the 55lbs & under ACE class. Joker weighed in at 39lbs and his max pull was 3855lbs

Chase took 2-1st places in regular weight pull classes and also took the Most Weight Pulled Per Body Pound trophies both days!!Chase weighed in at 35lbs and his max pull was 3615lbs



Twister still plugging away at his ACE title.. Taking 2-3rd places. he weighed in at 46lbs and his max pull was 3615lbs.


 We only took videos at this show..Chase took a 1st place in weight pull and earned his ACE title. We didn't pull him the 2nd day. Chase weighed in at 38lbs and his max pull was 3154lbs.



Faith took  two 2nd places in conformation and a 3rd place in WP. She weighed in at  28lbs and pulled 1980lbs

Joker didn't place in conformation. he did take the ACE class body pound trohies both days in 55lbs and under division. Joker weighed in at 38lbs and his max pulled was 3116lbs

Twister took a 2nd and a 3rd place in WP. He weighed in at 45lbs and max pull was 3015lbs